Magnetic Hammer with Double Claw 10oz - 13oz

Multi-Functional Claw Hammer with Extremely Hard Magnetic Hammer Head

This is a heavy-dutyCarbon Steel Sharp Claw Hammer designed for heavy duty work in any heavy work environment and will stand up to any job, efficiently saving you work time and effort! It consists of a180° side nail pullerpulls nails out completely in one easy pulling motion. Equipped with a super sharp claw that can chop any 2x4 block of wood better than any hammer. 

Made of superior quality carbon steel, it ensures wear resistance and long service life. It’s lightweightand durable shape provides comfortable ergonomic operation when hammering and pounding on the exterior of the house or any other job that needs a strong hammer. A must-have tool for carpenters and DIY enthusiasts!


Multi-functional and magnetic:
 Magnetic nail holder hammer head that allows for easy and secure nail placement and removal.

 designed to reduce the harmful effects that nailing, and prying can have on your body. The rubber handle is designed to be ergonomic and allow for a comfortable swing while at the same time providing a non-slip grip.

Weight compatibility:
This unique tool is a unique tool in the world of hammers. It is a very strong and light weight hammer. Its weight is in a range of 10oz to 13oz.

Easy operation:
 Lightweight and convenient for easy carry. This hammer even has a powerful magnet that attaches it to your workbench, making it an efficient tool for any kind of work.

Superior materials:
 Made of high-quality no. 1095 carbon steel, it ensures long service life even on heavy work pressure.

Perfect woodworking tool:
 Essential for all carpenters, all job sites, and DIY enthusiasts.
Material: AISI 1095 High Carbon Steel
Size: 10oz – 13oz
Style: Stainless Steel Handle or Glass Fiber Handle

Product Includes
1 x Carbon Steel Hammer