Green Eucalyptus Leaves Wisteria | Artificial Rattan Vine Decor

Enjoy the beauty of natural looking Artificial Hanging Flowers without the hassle of watering, wilting petals, or pesky insects. Perfect for all seasons. Never needs water or sun, making it a smart gift for someone who loves plants, yet is a bit forgetful when it comes time to water them! Great for home, family garden, balcony garden, household decoration. 180cm to 200 cm in length.

Material: Plastic.
Long green vine and bright purple foliage provides a natural look, it can keep you in good mood.
Flowers will not fade and do not need water or sunlight, it blooms all the time and brings your home a good look.
Just put it on a hanging basket and adjust its vines to make it look more natural and it will be a great deocration for your home.
You can invite friends and families to enjoy the afternoon refreshments at the ideal home, while the leaves bring the forest straight to you.
Please note that the basket is not included.

1 x Artificial Hanging Vine