Battery Rescue Emergency Portable Car Jump Starter 12V 18000mAh Power Bank

BREAKING NEWS: Engineers devised a pocket-sized device that charges any phone or portable electronic device -- and has a 12000-18000 (Mah) Battery Capacity meaning it can jump-start 20 cars in a row! Not to mention, charge a phone 10 times in a row!

 Portable - This Battery is incredibly tiny considering it’s capable of jump-starting an airplane. Just pop it under your seat or in the center console, and forget about it ‘til you need it.
✅ Never Have A Dead Phone - Communication is key in an emergency. If your phone’s dead, you’re cut off from the outside world. This Battery can recharge a phone extremely fast.
 Versatile Features - Built right into the sturdy case, you’ll find both a powerful 120 lumen light that can be used to illuminate your surroundings at night or signal for help; as well as a glass-breaker that can quickly shatter car windows if you’re trapped or in imminent danger.
 Worry Less - When your kids are new drivers or your spouse is lost in an unfamiliar part of town at night, it makes a huge difference knowing they have a lifeline stashed in their glove box, if necessary.
Cigarette Lighter Starter
Warning Light
SOS Lighting
Two-Way Fast Charge
Car Jump Starter